Vanguard's Scroll

The last words of Lord Arthur of the Vanguard:
Bring together my relics and restore my power, the power of the Vanguardian. The darkness soon appoarches I havn't much time...


Vanguard's Scroll, Vanguard's Boots, Vanguard's Cuirass, Vanguard's Gloves, Vanguard's Helm, Fusion Stone


How to Obtain

Dig up by the statue in Hell. It is located in Cerberus room. Requires Diamond Pickaxe or higher.

Fusion Quest

Vanguard`s Scroll, Dread Boots, Dread Cuirass, Vanguard's Gloves, Vanguard's Helm, Fusion Stone


Vanguards Cuirass + Vanguard's Boots + Vanguard's Gauntlets + Vanguard's Helm + Vanguard's Scroll + Fusion Stone
= Vanguard's Set

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