Vanguard's Set
Req. Level 140

Vanguard a once powerful hero said to have won many battles by leading the assault.


+2000 Stats
+50000 Life
+150 Life Regeneration/sec
+50 Armor


Touch of Grace: 25K Life Healing Divine Shield: 10 Seconds
Critical Strike, Thorns: 10% (Self) Trueshot Aura: 30% Ranged


Killer Instinct: x2 Agility (Assassin)
Demon Wave: 60k Damage (Demon Hunter)


How to Obtain

Vanguards Cuirass + Vanguard's Boots + Vanguard's Gloves + Vanguard's Helm + Vanguard's Scroll + Fusion Stone
= Vanguard's Set


Vanguard's Set + Lightning + Ultima + Fusion Stone
= Man of Thunder

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