Daemon the Warrior is the Hero the story canon is actually about. He lost his memories after being sent back in time by Antonidas.



Warrior! Come out and Play!

Strength: 31+15 (6016 max)

Agility: 12+8 (3204 max)

Intelligence: 7+6 (2401 max)

Starting Life: 1870

Starting Mana: 14 

Starting damage: 122

ROLES: Tank, Physical Damage



The Warrior's Evolution Location is at the Ancient Cave with the Daemonic Sword. Walk up to the pedestal to transform into the Angel of Light.

*Note that your level will be reset to 1, so make sure your bank has room for the items you were carrying*


  • If the warrior dies while using Daemonic Blast, he does not revive

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